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Insurance claims

It is not uncommon to have to submit insurance claims when unexpected damage occurs to personal property. In the event that damage does occur, the first thing that you need to do is check with your insurance agent to find out whether or not it is covered by your home insurance. If it is covered, your insurance company will get the insurance claim process started and provide you with some of their company recommendations but the decision is ultimately up to you whether you want to go with someone they recommend or a company of your choosing.

If you choose to go with Econo Roofing, we will send out an estimator to assess the damage and provide you with a report outlining all identified damage as well as a quote for repair or replacement. If your roofing or exterior repairs or replacement is in fact covered by your insurance, Econo Roofing will work directly with your insurance company to ensure that the whole insurance claims process is as easy and seamless for you as possible.

Many homeowners are unfamiliar with the process of an insurance claim and we want to make this entire process as easy as possible for homeowners. 

First things first, contact your insurance company. It is imperative that this is done asap. They will then provide you with your claim number and an estimation as to when an insurance adjuster will be by to assess the severity and extent of the damage to your home. After the visit from the adjuster, they will provide you with their estimate of the cost for the repairs/replacements. You will want to make sure to have their estimated double-checked and verified by a professional as it is not uncommon for there to be discrepancies between what insurance companies estimate vs. what the actual cost could end up being.

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